The Calming Pet Bed

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Did you know that almost 70% of all dogs globally experience symptoms of anxiety at some point in their lives? 

Our calming dog beds are carefully engineered to help replicate the natural sleep environment of your pet. Suitable for both cats and dogs alike
 Removable Cover (Machine Washable)
Easily remove the outer cover of your calming pet bed and wash on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, and tumble dry on low or air dry. This also helps your bed last longer, dry more quickly, and ensures optimal hygiene is maintained. 

Unlike some of the cheaper alternatives, our calming pet beds come with a removable cover so you don't need to wash the whole bed every time.  
 Water Resistant
Our calming pet beds have a water-resistant and non-slip base to help your bed stand the test of time. Our calming dog beds include a rubber outer sole which ensures it sits stable and doesn't slide around on hard floors.
 Super Soft & Comfy
Filled with breathable and plush material, and made of luxurious and durable faux fur, your furry friend will feel like it's surrounded by love & warmth to support a quiet and comfortable sleep.
 Raised Edges
Raised edges intensify the feeling of comfort and reduce stress. Unlike other beds, our calming pet beds have been selected based on their raised edges to help your pet feel a sense of security (similar to sleeping against their mother or siblings in the litter). 

Size Guide:
XS: diameter 30cm fit for pets less than 1kg
     S: diameter 40cm fit for pets less than 2.5KG
 M: diameter 50cm fit for pets less than 5KG
  L: diameter 60cm fit for pets less than 9KG
  XL: diameter 70cm fit for pets less than 18KG
XXL: diameter 80cm fit for pets less than 25KG
3XL: diameter 90cm fit for pets less than 35KG
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