Non-Slip Feeding Bowl

Help your cat eat slowly and avoid vomiting problems. The inclined 15° design reduces the compression of the cervical spine caused by the excessive bowing of the pet when feeding.

The bowl and stand base can be separated for easy cleaning. With a stand, your cat will aid in digestion when eating from a height.

We offer single and double bowls: Want one or two? Better yet, what does your cat want? Double bowls can provide both water and food for dogs and cats.

High-quality non-toxic materials and exquisite workmanship make the bowls pet-friendly and long-lasting.

Anti-Slip: This is slip and tip-resistant, so everything stays where it should be. The non-slip bottom allows dogs and cats to eat in a stable environment.

Assemble in seconds! It has a small neck that slides right into the base so they won't move or twist once inside.