Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

Made of stainless steel, the fishing bracket is durable and not easy to break.
It has 3 gears to adjust sensitivity and catch more fish.
Using bearing type trigger connection, high sensitivity, rear key locking mechanism.

1. The storage length of the 1.32 cm fishing rod rack is small, convenient for fishing and easy to carry.
2. The insertion length of the soil is 27.5cm, deep into the soil, strong and strong.
3. Don't worry about the fishing rod being blown by the wind, we use a triangular plug, which is better than
normal product!
4. Say goodbye to gear adjustment, one-click, suitable for all fish.
5. The elasticity is enough, the stable fish is more ferocious, no matter how big the escaped fish is.
6. Large elasticity, please do not reach into the red area when using it to avoid pinching.