Pets Hair Remover

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Do you feel the same?🐾

You wash your clothes and then find animal hair everywhere?
The paw removes animal hair from your clothes while it washes and dries. And it works both in the washing machine and in the dryer.

🐾Say Goodbye To Pet Hair🐾

When washing clothes in the washing machine, sometimes you will see some pet fur on the clothes. This pet paw shape and lovely fur removal helps to remove the hair balls and hair produced during the washing process! Washed out clothes are cleaner!


  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Cute animal paw shape can be easily placed on water, amaze your friends with unique laundry accessories, saving time and strength for housework.
  • WASHING ABILITY: The pet fur remover of washing machine can be put into clothes. With the continuous rotation of water flow, it can completely adsorption the hair on clothing making the washing cleaner.
  • EASY TO USE: Put the hair remover put into the washing machine, easy to clean, with the continuous rotation of water flow , will not damage the clothes.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: High quality floating fur catcher ,silicone material, durable. Let pet fur, hair nowhere to escape.
  • REUSABLE: Prevents re-washing of your laundry, saves on detergent, water, and time re-usable, hypoallergenic, safe for kid's clothing.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: about 80g
  • Color: Green, Yellow